Saturday, December 16, 2006

I never remember my dreams.

But when Sam called me at about 5:30 this morning (I'd only been asleep for about two hours,) I must have been dreaming about my Core class. I had to find my way through a tangled mess of plaster and chicken wire to find the phone under my pillow. I got up to use the restroom and while sitting on the toilet (as all magnificent ideas come to those sitting on toilets,) I was thinking about how I could clear all of that plaster and wire shit out of my bed so I could actually breathe and sleep comfortably, when I suddenly realized that it was just a dream. The plaster and chicken wire didn't exist, and the only reason I couldn't breathe was because I still have that monstrous cold. Then I was severely confused, and when back to bed with some cough drops.

The End.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

S E T ! ! !

Saturday night, when Jeni and Robert were over, I made them play SET with me. Jeni, after returning to her room that night, found SET's official website and sent me a link. I was uber excited; it was the highlight of my entire week. That game is wonderful.

Better yet, the site has a daily version where you have to find six sets in the twelve cards given. Weekly, winners are drawn for a prize! Which is another game by the same company.... I WANT TO WIN IT! It doesn't look quite as good as SET, but I think it'd be fun to try.

Anyway. I rarely show enthusiam for anything, so you should know this must be an amazing thing. If you haven't played this game before, come over here NOW and learn it.

Oh, and here's the website for the daily game/contest: SET Daily Game

^^ the super-cool background I downloaded from the Official Site (and then edited in photoshop)


p.s.- six more days until I go home !

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Art School Confidential

wasn't a very good movie. The company was nice though.

I think I'm sick. Sore throat, headache, exhaustion, over-all icky feeling, yeah. Just a cold I'm sure; I'll stop whining now.

I can't wait to go home. I don't know if my fish will survive a month without me. I need to buy a timer for their light and those tablets that feed them for a few weeks or whatever. I hope they make month long ones... I'd be quite upst if I came back and my fish were all dead.

Assuming I can come back. My account is still on hold and the financial aid office is ridiculous. They don't know what they're doing in there. I here something different every time I go in, and the last email I got from them said they've never seen me come in at all! I must now spend my lunch brak tomorrow walking over there, yet again, to see what's new. I know all of the good classes are full by now, but I'm hoping I'll be able to register at all at this point.

It's the last week of class (except for painting, of which there are two more)...I'm beginning to stress out a bit. grrr.

I need to go draw. I have work to do.


Monday, December 04, 2006

And Why is the Bible Better Than the Quran?

I'm not one to post political stuff, but this made me laugh. Some poeple are such stubborn jackasses, they think only their tranditions and religions make sense.

As he prepares to become the first Muslim in Congress, Rep.-elect Keith Ellison says the Constitution gives him the right to take the oath of office on the Quran, and that's what he intends to do Jan. 4.

...The "argument" against it:

"When all elected officials take their oaths of office with their hands on the very same book, they all affirm that some unifying value system underlies American civilization," Prager wrote. "If Keith Ellison is allowed to change that, he will be doing more damage to the unity of Americans and to the value system that has formed this country than the terrorists of 9/11."

Yeeaaaahhh. Riiight.

Taking an oath is nothing more than a symbolic action anyway. If He's not Christain, what symbolism does the Bible hold? That's pointless. Gah. I don't think I need to comment any more on this. It's simply ubsurd.

Read the article here.

Uhhh. Untitled. those little cluster of tree-like things in the pictures in the previous posts are tiny castle-ish things. The photography is a bit shitty. I apologize. The only camera I have at the moment is on my phone.

We had the last visiting artist for the semester. Which also means the last free dinner. But this time was nice. The artist was Cat something. I already forgot her last name. But her website is here: go to it.

My current work has no purpose or meaning. I just want to paint. Is that bad?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Current Work:

Tell me whatcha think...pretty please. They're all pretty small 'cept for the last one, which is still in progress ot look similar to the image directly before it. It's the only one on canvas too. All are oils (not watercolor!) yep yep...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Now that you know what a blog is...

Dear Sam,

Just in case you decide to take an interest in my random rants and posts, keep in mind that if I'm complaining about some aspect of our relationship, it's just a release for me. Ya know?

I love you, and I always will. Despite our problems.

And I can't wait to see you. I miss you terribly.


Friday, December 01, 2006

One more thing tonight...

It snowed today! Like crazy. I loved it. It made me not mind waking up at eight to go to class. Here's some pictures from my phone:

I'm Confused.

I had a headache today that hurt so much I couldn't even cry until I was feeling better. I think I've been taking to many pain killers lately. I vary them...aspirin one day, tylenol pm, excedrine, naproxen (or whatever) the next. I used to be able to take a nap and wake up feeling better, but lately that seems to make it worse. Oh well.

Back to the confusion...

I'm confused about Sam. But that seems to occur just as often as those headaches. Hmm. I suppose if anyone reads this he/she will perhaps wonder what confuses me exactly, but that I, too, am confused about. So I can only leave it there.

Plus I'm pmsing badly at the moment, so it may be a good idea for me to keep my mouth shut for a few more days. I was once asked how anyone can trust a living thing that spends a week at a time bleeding without dying from it. I wonder that myself sometimes...

The Epitome of Holiday Consumerism:

"Don't Forget the Most Important Person on Your List: YOU."
-Apple Email Advertisement

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This is an entry just for Rachel.

I love you! and I'll be home soon...

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Why can't I seem to avoid agruments? They're everywhere, no one gets along anymore. My boyfriend and I fight now, people on my floor never seem to stop fighting, I read the news and there's fighting constantly - from war to petty shit like a state football team fighting with an artist who painted a picture of them - and even on facebook (where everyone should be nice to each other because no one is forced to deal with anyone) every group I look at has someone arguing over something else with somebody. It's ridiculous. I'm sick of it.

And my betta fish is dying. He's losing color now.

Goddamnit. This is depressing.

Confessions of some sort.

Dear Sam,

I want to try an experiment; something I think you've tried before, but it has to be my choice for me to be able to accept it. I'm going to give us time apart. I won't call you for at least the next five days, five being the half-way point between now and when I get to see you. I considered waiting the entire ten, but I know I've had a hell of a time going two days without talking to you, so five will be an accomplishment and a starting point for me. If I can go five, then I can go ten. And when I can show myself that I can do it and be fine, I will no longer have to.

I am doing this for you just as much as I'm doing it for me. I denied it last night, but I do know that I'd be fine crying to you every night and letting you fix my problems for me. But I also know that you can't fix any of them, and even if you could, it's not hardly fair to make you try.

This in no way means that you can't call me. (I secretly hope that you will call me at least every couple days.) But I need you to want to talk to me and not call because I told you to. And if/when you want to get off the phone, don't let me keep you on, even if I'm crying. I will need to know that you love me, and if I'm doing better, I need you to encourage me and tell me that. Treat me like a small child if you must; that's about the level of my emotional stability at the moment anyway. I want you to be proud of me and think I'm a strong person again. You use to tell me those things, and those words have meant more to me in the past than you'll ever know. I want to be able to hear them again.

What I expect to accomplish here is some sort of balance. I know I can be strong when you need me, but you don't need me anymore. Knowing that upsets me quite a bit, because if you don't need me there's no reason for you to keep me around (unless I'm pretty enough to be your trophy girlfriend). I need to get to a point where I stop needing you enough for you to know that you can talk to me again. I need to be stable enough so that I can listen and you can trust me to listen well.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Victor Hugo

I just found out the other day that Victor Hugo not only was a writer, but also a painter! That amazed me, and now I love him even more. That's all I have to say; I wanted to share that with someone.

Victor Hugo
(verso) Lace impression, spectral form ca.1855
Pen and ink wash on blue paper

Victor Hugo
Town with tumbledown bridge, 1847
Ink wash on paper

Friday, November 03, 2006

testing 1 2 3

Just a test entry to see what it looks like and to have something here. I'm making a website to attach this to, so it maay be awhile before I get back to it.