Sunday, December 10, 2006

Art School Confidential

wasn't a very good movie. The company was nice though.

I think I'm sick. Sore throat, headache, exhaustion, over-all icky feeling, yeah. Just a cold I'm sure; I'll stop whining now.

I can't wait to go home. I don't know if my fish will survive a month without me. I need to buy a timer for their light and those tablets that feed them for a few weeks or whatever. I hope they make month long ones... I'd be quite upst if I came back and my fish were all dead.

Assuming I can come back. My account is still on hold and the financial aid office is ridiculous. They don't know what they're doing in there. I here something different every time I go in, and the last email I got from them said they've never seen me come in at all! I must now spend my lunch brak tomorrow walking over there, yet again, to see what's new. I know all of the good classes are full by now, but I'm hoping I'll be able to register at all at this point.

It's the last week of class (except for painting, of which there are two more)...I'm beginning to stress out a bit. grrr.

I need to go draw. I have work to do.


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