Tuesday, January 30, 2007

woo. back at school.

MMM...here's a list of random new things that I may expand upon later:

I got a new journal...one that requires a pen, not a keyboard. I like it.

I'm going to a meeting in a couple hours to be an RA next year.

I get to drive tomorrow! To a parking lot! and around...because I like to drive.

I liked class today. It made the Bible interesting- as a piece of literature, not religion.

I need my boyfriend. My hormones are driving me crazy. And I miss him terribly.

I have guppies now! I used to think guppies were ugly simple looking fish, but they're not. They're pretty.

I have to go to art history tomorrow. :(

The high Saturday is nine (09) degrees, not including the wind chill.

I think I should start exercising, but I lack the motivation.

I still haven't completely unpacked.

I want to paint, but I'd rather nap.

I'm going to go nap now, before my meeting.

Bye bye.

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