Saturday, February 03, 2007


Without the windchill, it's -1 degree(s) outside. I don't think I want ot know what the "real feel" temperature is.

I went to Target to buy some gloves and boots, and a few other things. They didn't have any gloves. And they didn't have any boots. (Other than a few pairs in the men's which were far too large and a few in little boys which were far too small.) So, disappointed, I bought everything else I needed, paid, and left.

I stepped outside and my hands imediately began to burn from the wind, so, carrying bags in each hand, I pulled my coat sleeves as far around my hands as possible for the two block walk to the subway. By the time I made it that far, my fingers were red and completely numb. I couldn't unbend them from around the bags to get my U-Pass out of my pocket. After a few minutes, they started to tingle and burn again.

I have never experienced cold that severe before. I'm not going outside again for awhile. I'll buy some gloves on eBay and have them mailed to me here.

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