Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm at least glad that my hands aren't fat yet.

I had crazy dreams last night. I went to bed super early, around 9, woke up at 5, and then forced myself back to sleep until almost 10.

At one point I was driving down a narrow road at night and as I went through an even darker tunnel a man crossed the street in front of me. My horn still didn't work, and I barely missed hitting him when I suddenly saw a woman that had been walking with him. I jerked the car to the right toward the empty on-coming lane, but still hit her with the back left side of the car. Someone came to help, a police officer or something, but I couldn't do anything except cry and scream that I'd killed someone.

Later in the morning, I was with Eric and Cody in the car. We'd driven up to Maine to start the hike and I suddenly realized that I had brought Cody when dogs weren't allowed on the trail. I started freaking out and Eric found a vet for me to take Cody. He said it was a Banfield, so he'd be fine. When I got there there was one woman in the dark, empty office. She said they would take care of him. I was already upset about having to leave my dog somewhere strange for over two weeks, when she locks him in an empty room with no food or toys or anything. I start sobbing uncontrollably. I woke up wwith Cody sleeping besdie me, curled up against my back.

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