Friday, July 11, 2008


I'm not doing a vary good job of keeping my food log. I haven't written down the pancake I had for breakfast, the soda or salad I had for lunch, or the chicken and rice I just ate.

I'm going to go to Blick to get a scrapbook photo album thing to make, and then to Kohl's to get a new bra. I made a sun dress today, but it's a halter with a low back and I don't have a bra that I could wear with it. I don't know if they make bras like that. I should stop by the grocery while I'm out too.

Tomorrow I need to move Shane's car out of the garage so I can pull mine in. I need to replace the horn, change the oil, and put in the new door handle. It would be nice to have the garage and not have to work under the train.

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