Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Give a Dog a Bone

I gave my dog a bone a couple weeks ago, one of those knotted rawhide things that stinks of "bacon flavor." He gnawed and gnawed and managed to finish part of it the other day, but the other half he's being really lazy about. Right now, he's laying across his bed, feet tucked it all cozy like, with his head stretched out in front of him, bone at the tip of his nose. Every time he licks it, it gets pushed away a little bit, and he just tries to stretch his neck further to reach it again each time. He's so cute. and lazy. Aw, and now he caught me watching him and got up.

Monday, August 25, 2008

No no no

I keep thinking about kids lately, and babies. I really don't want any, but they keep popping up in my thoughts anyway. Is that normal? Is it some natural, procreative, built-in thing in my brain that is forcing these ideas into my head without permission?

At Target the other day I found myself looking at the adorable baby things and decorating a nursery in my head (it would be yellow by the way, with giraffes.) Then at REI's website, I found myself looking at the strollers page. Then today, while in the shower, I had his crazy train of thought that somehow led me to wondering how I would teach my daughter how to shave if I myself decided to stop shaving from now on. Daughter? What daughter?! That's not cool. I Don't Want Kids! Please keep them out of my head. wtf.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


I've been having breakfast problems for the past few days. I'd been eating an egg or two with cheese, on toast for the past two-three weeks and suddenly got sick of it. But Nicole keeps telling me I need more protein, and what other easy breakfast foods are there besides eggs with protein? I don't suppose bacon can really substitute with its high fat content. So this morning I decided on a smoothie, with some of that protein powder that I've been sending to Eric. It's strawberry flavored, so I figured it should go well with the frozen strawberries and blueberries in my freezer.

I got everything I needed, and moved the blender into the living room so the noise wouldn't wake up Shane. Added some mango juice to the fruit and then three scoops of the powder. The container says 3 scoops for a 12 oz drink, and my smoothies tend to be more than 12 oz, but I wasn't sure how it would take so I didn't put it more than that. I mixed it all up. The blender seemed to have some problems mixing it thoroughly and I realized I probably should have added the powder after the fruit had been mixed. Oh well, it got the job done eventually.

I very carefully took everything back into the kitchen, trying to keep as quiet as possible with Shane's open door right there. Then I suddenly drop the smaller piece to the lid to the blender, it noisily bangs across the kitchen tiles three- four times before I get to it. Then I grab a glass and quietly try to pour my smoothie. This time, the entire lid falls off with a crash, spilling over half of the contents onto the stove. So much for being quiet. Luckily there was still enough in my glass that all of this effort had not been in vain. I clean up the mess and finally get to the smoothie that I've worked so hard for.

And it's disgusting. The "strawberry" powder taste is overwhelming and awful. I can't even taste the pounds of fruit that went into the mix. I am extremely disappointed and will never try this again. So I'm back to needing good breakfast ideas.