Monday, September 08, 2008

It's not getting better,

but on the upside, it's not getting worse either. I miss my boyfriend and want hugs right now. He called, talked with a bad connection for a few minutes, and I cried the second I hung up. Then I got mad at myself for crying, for I have a million other things i should be doing instead. So I took a hot bath, drank some orange soda, and told myself I'd do my homework, but instead, am on my blog and on facebook. I guess I'll be up late tonight.

Still stressed out about money, and now worried about not having enough time to do my work, in addition to not having enough money for it. I have expensive interests.

I might be picking up a fourth shift at work. Tonight Adam offered me Mondays, said he hasn't found anyone else who can do it. I'd be working with Julia, and I do love Julia. And I do need the money. But that's another 7.5 hours, not counting the lunch break. I'm already at 20 a week. Can I handle that...nearly 28 hours a week plus 15 credits in school? I want it. I'll see I guess. My stained glass class would interfere for a few weeks, but I bet he'd let me work around that and leave a couple hours early.

I have to bitch about the cta, and then I need to finish my homework. I got on the red line earlier this evening and noticed the girl across from me making odd faces. The train was eerily quiet, and the lights had flickered off and back on, but that happens all the time. I caught her glance, and she took out her earphones to inform me that the train had been acting weird, making bad noises. Sure enough, within seconds, this strange grinding sound came from under us and the lights went completely out (with the exception of the emergency lights.) After a few minutes of sitting patiently with the doors closed, not moving, the conductor informed the passengers that the "power had been removed, uh lost" and that it should only be a few minutes before we're moving again. By the time most people had become frustrated and left, he announced that all northbound redline trains would be rerouted to the elevated tracks. So an entire train of people, half not hearing the message and asking everyone else what's going on, had to get off a walk the couple blocks to the el station and wait for a redline train to get us up there. When one came, it was packed with twice the number of passengers as usual. I grabbed a seat, finished my book within a few stops, found out my iPod wasn't charged, and then, about five stops from home, got kicked off to wait for yet another train because the one I was on decided to run express, right past my stop. I was pretty irritable by the time I got home, over an hour and a half after leaving work.