Saturday, October 04, 2008

Suki Suks [sic]

Bo is a neighbor I just met tonight. Lives one floor up with the yappy dog.

Me: Are you waiting for a ride?
Bo: No, I'm trying to sell my car. I'm waiting for someone to come back with a check.
Me: Which car are you selling?
Bo: I just bought that one (points) so I'm getting rid of a Tracker.
Me: Oh! I've seen the Tracker. I've got a Sidekick.
Bo: The grey one?
Me: Yeah.
Bo: So you're the crooked one that doesn't know how to park.

Bo says his dog is "an indoor dog" and that he doesn't take him outside very often. How sad! and ridiculous. Why own a dog then? That's what cats are for.

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