Sunday, November 02, 2008

I'm not liking apartment buildings.

It's 2 am and I've been kept awake for two reasons. 1- I can't find my tylenol pm. and 2- a neighbor has rudely been playing his stereo for the past three hours. I can only hear it in my bedroom, and it sounds like it comes through the ceiling. There's almost always music playing from this guy, but 2 am is a bit much. I know it's a saturday night, but still. I usually work on Sundays, and if I were working tomorrow I'd be even more pissed off.

Anyway...about half an hour ago I got fed up and went upstairs to 3B to ask him to turn the music down. I've never actually met the guy in 3B, but he didn't answer anyway. Weird part, it looked like all his lights were off and I couldn't hear the music in the hall, only in my bedroom. Either way, I knocked, no answer. Knocked louder, no answer. I took a broom to my ceiling, dented the ceiling, but got no response and the music remained loud. I went outside and rang the obnoxious buzzer/door bell to 3B. Three times, no response. I was headed back upstairs to try to look for my tylenol pm again when I noticed noise in the coming from 1B, below me. I knocked on their door, and the volume went down.

Crazy old buildings have crazy acoustics. I hope to god 3B wasn't home. I'm sorry.

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