Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm worried.

I'm getting pretty used to being broke and unable to buy food or pay bills, and I've learned pretty quickly how to not let it stress me out. However, my current situation is progressively getting worse and it's beginning to finally get to me. My private loan for school was denied, and I'm applying for a second with another company, but my sister had two turned down already too. If I don't get this one, then I won't be able to afford school, let alone food and rent. I really don't want to take a semester off, and if I do, I'm afraid I won't be able to afford to come back.

One positive thing though... I told the bosses today that I might have to leave for a semester and the big boss talked to her boss, who in turn talked to his boss, who agreed they could afford to hire me as a temp if I can't get work-study by being enrolled. So either way I'll still have my job. As much as I might complain, I do love my job.

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Jeni said...

Do whatever you need to do! I hope things work out!!