Saturday, March 28, 2009


Is being impulsive really such a bad thing? I can act rather impulsively, like when I ran out and bought a mini-fridge the second my first one died, despite the fact that I never actually needed the first one. Or like two days ago, when I withdrew nearly all of my savings to buy a car. I waited nearly three days between deciding I wanted the car and actually buying it, but three days is really not very long for such a large purchase. I think Rachel still wants to kick my ass for that.

But once I decide to do something, I have to do it. And I find I'm much happier when I live for the moment and not worry about what it will cost me down the road. Everything always works out eventually, right?

I'm rationalizing; I know. I do that a lot too. But isn't impulsiveness inherent in spontaneity, or with being easy-going? Both of those are positive things in my opinion.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I hate titling things. Even blog entries.

Jason sent me another link from the Pierogi Flat File:Tavares Strachant
If you look for more of this artist's work, you'll find this.

I'm amazed. He's already done everything I'm trying to figure out how to do. And it's beautiful. I like the rest of his work too. I might even admit to a tinge of jealousy. He's showing all over the place it seems like. I feel like I'm never going to get there.

I received a cryptic postcard in the mail today. Getting mail always cheers me up. Here's one side... if I figure out how to do those fancy roll-over images, I'll put up the other side too:

I figured out most of it, but the upside down bottom left stamp wasn't on my list. So I tried looking it up, and came across a new list:

Stamps on:
Left corner, upside down means "I love you"
Left corner, crosswise means "I love another"
Left corner, straight up and down means "Wish to be rid of your correspondence"
Bottom of right corner, crosswise means "No"
Bottom of right corner, upsided down means "Yes"
Left lower corner means "Do you love me?"
Left lower corner, upside down means "I am displeased"
Left lower corner, crosswise means "I wish to have your acquantance"
Right corner, up and down means "Business correspondence"
Left side, in the center means "Accept me as a lover"
Left side, upside down means "I am engaged"
Left side, in the center, crosswise means "Who cares?"
(Source: "Fact, Fancy and Fable" by Henry Frederic Reddall)

This one doesn't agree with the previous one. I might have to combine all the lists I can find and create one cohesive one.

I also find it odd that there is more postage on the card than necessary. I'm pretty sure postcards are only 26 cents, not 42.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

new things

I went to the BFA show opening friday, but didn't actually see any of the art. The crowd was immediately overwhelming, so I sought out friends and hid in a small group until they were ready to go elsewhere. I'll try to go back tomorrow to actually see what was there. I've heard really good things about this show and had high expectations since I know a lot of the people graduating. Most people have said it's a better show than previous years, and it has to be better than last semester's. That one was pretty bad.

Casey took me to a Buddhist meeting with him yesterday. I've been pretty much against any and all religions for as long as I can remember, but this seems very different from anything else I know. Some parts seem to follow things I already do or try to do in my life, while some parts are completely foreign to me. I want to learn more about it though and will probably ask Casey to take me to the next meeting too. Couldn't hurt to try it, right?

Quincy came over last night. I love having company, and he lives only a block away, so chances are I'll be hanging out with him more in the future. I made a quick dinner and green tea (with my new teapot from Rachel!) and we watched Lynch's Blue Velvet. Had I known more about it, I probably wouldn't have chosen to watch it with someone I hardly know... and I'm still not sure what to think about it. I'm going to have to watch at least once more before I send it back.

I'm probably going to go downtown today and play around in the lab. I've been wanting to make a new website, but I don't have CS3 at home anymore, so I can't work on much here. I'm going to buy CS4 soon though...I need to ask Mark to email me the link with the student discount through the school.

I should get moving. It's already nearly lunch time!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

BFA Show and ex-boyfriends...

It suddenly hit me on the train home today that Eric could very easily be at the BFA show tomorrow, and the thought that I could very easily run into him scared me enough I nearly started crying. I do not like how strong my negative feelings towards him still are. I do not know how I might react if I did run into him. I assume it is not by chance, but by his avoidance, that I never run into him at school. I'm pretty sure we have classes in the same buildings at the same times at least twice a week, and yet I never have seen him at the elevator or outside smoking. I suppose that's a good thing for now, but it's bound to happen eventually.

Tomorrow though...I know I can't let thoughts like that prevent me from doing things that I want to do, but I'm afraid I will be on edge the whole time, and too close to being emotional. I already have a strong distaste for large crowds; running into the only person I have genuine hatred for might set me over the edge.

If I could go to the pre-show instead I would...

Monday, March 09, 2009


I finally updated my website, added a few pictures of projects I've been working on more recently. I'm still working on a completely new, simpler site. OPP is driving me crazy.

I had to have David help me document the glass pieces. I dragged out the nice Profoto kit and didn't really have a clue where to start. I know how to set up the lights and turn them on, et cetera, but he taught me a lot more very quickly. I haven't done any sort of lighting since that pre-college class I took at MCAD. Might be something worth knowing.

The pictures will probably still go through a bit more editing...making the background completely white. I was in a rush, needed images for a scholarship application to Ox-Box this summer. I really hope I can afford to go. I want to blow glass!

My summer is going to be so busy. Hopefully I will be taking a week+ for a Big City Mountaineers trip...I'm super excited about that. And I have a couple other classes picked out in addition to Ox-Box. All with photo-cage work in between. I am debating taking the wet plate photo class. I love learning photo processes, but I don't want to take photos. It's a tricky spot to be in. So many decisions.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Au Bon Pain

I was eavesdropping on a conversation at lunch, which I suppose I always do, but this was an interesting conversation between a small group of businessmen in their multi-colored shirts and matching ties. Their conversation interested me over any of the others as they were talking about art. I listened silently while one guy impersonated an "artist" talking about conceptual art, and another said he simply can only appreciate art that is of something because that shows talent. I laughed aloud at that and they turned to look at me. I usually avoid confrontation at all costs, and felt completely embarrassed that I was caught listening in. I apologized, excused myself as an art student from the AIC, which in turn seemed to embarrass them. I certainly don't know everything about art and find quite a bit of it to be bullshit, but they were really being quite ignorant. They talked to me for a bit, and I politely, and quietly, went back to my lunch of mac-n-cheese and bread.

When they got up to leave, the younger guy came over and introduced himself as an actor by the name of Joe. He does comedy with a group called WoodSugars and invited me to see them perform at the Gorilla Tango Theater over in Wicker Park on March 28th. He told me to facebook "woodsugars," which I did unsuccessfully, but all the show information is on Gorilla Tango's website too. Tickets are only $10, so if I find someone to accompany me, I will probably check it out.