Thursday, March 05, 2009

Au Bon Pain

I was eavesdropping on a conversation at lunch, which I suppose I always do, but this was an interesting conversation between a small group of businessmen in their multi-colored shirts and matching ties. Their conversation interested me over any of the others as they were talking about art. I listened silently while one guy impersonated an "artist" talking about conceptual art, and another said he simply can only appreciate art that is of something because that shows talent. I laughed aloud at that and they turned to look at me. I usually avoid confrontation at all costs, and felt completely embarrassed that I was caught listening in. I apologized, excused myself as an art student from the AIC, which in turn seemed to embarrass them. I certainly don't know everything about art and find quite a bit of it to be bullshit, but they were really being quite ignorant. They talked to me for a bit, and I politely, and quietly, went back to my lunch of mac-n-cheese and bread.

When they got up to leave, the younger guy came over and introduced himself as an actor by the name of Joe. He does comedy with a group called WoodSugars and invited me to see them perform at the Gorilla Tango Theater over in Wicker Park on March 28th. He told me to facebook "woodsugars," which I did unsuccessfully, but all the show information is on Gorilla Tango's website too. Tickets are only $10, so if I find someone to accompany me, I will probably check it out.

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