Saturday, March 28, 2009


Is being impulsive really such a bad thing? I can act rather impulsively, like when I ran out and bought a mini-fridge the second my first one died, despite the fact that I never actually needed the first one. Or like two days ago, when I withdrew nearly all of my savings to buy a car. I waited nearly three days between deciding I wanted the car and actually buying it, but three days is really not very long for such a large purchase. I think Rachel still wants to kick my ass for that.

But once I decide to do something, I have to do it. And I find I'm much happier when I live for the moment and not worry about what it will cost me down the road. Everything always works out eventually, right?

I'm rationalizing; I know. I do that a lot too. But isn't impulsiveness inherent in spontaneity, or with being easy-going? Both of those are positive things in my opinion.

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