Saturday, October 03, 2009

another missed connection :)

The blue line's all jenked still so I've been biking even more and carrying my bike around with me everywhere, even when I do take the train.

Tonight I got on to come home and, since the train car was barely half full, sat down with my bike up against me, completely out of the way of anyone. A guy (drunk I assume) comes crossing cars and manages to bump into the front of my bike, and then proceeds to follow that bump with a harsh kick to the back tire. I figure he's an ass and ignore him as usual. The guy across from me though seems to be much more offended and possibly even a bit pissed off. He gestures to me something that indicates the bum is doing something perverse involving his pants. The bum had quite intentionally placed his rear end up against the glass beside my head, so I continue to ignore him and turn both myself and my bike away.

Point of the story is, in the meantime, the guy sitting across from me had put down his book, moved a seat closer, and kept a very close eye on the drunk/bum guy. And while I'm all for the strong-independent-woman-taking-care-of-herself-thing, I am still also totally for having complete strangers care. It really did mean a lot to me, knowing someone was watching out for my safety.

Thank you friend.

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