Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I stayed at Helene's last night in Uptown. 4:45am I'm wide awake and I hear a drive-by shooting. Seven to eight loud pops, breaking glass, tires squealing away on a suped-up ricer. I freaked out a little bit, wondered if I should call the police or if it was all in my head. Twenty minutes later I got up the courage to peer out the window across the porch and saw a fire truck pulling up to an ambulance and a variety of police cars. Cops were walking through the yard across the street and waving the fire truck on as there was no fire. They all were gone within a few minutes.

After debating whether to run and hide in Helene's bed with her, I went back to the couch and eventually fell back asleep. I had a few crazy dreams, but in the one I remember most clearly, Rachel and Dad were with me in my car, trying to park in a parking garage. I finally found a spot, but as I pulled in a huge bulldozer/garbage truck/monster truck pulled in behind me and smashed my car into a brick wall. We got out fine, but both ends crumpled like and empty soda can. I woke up, freaked out again thinking my car no longer existed, and then thinking I had to move it (I parked at a meter spot last night,) but it was only seven, so I fell back asleep for an hour.

Finally went to move my car and there was a man and a woman standing by it. The man pointed to the taxi parked in front of me. I noticed it's horrible parking job (not surprising for a taxi,) an then noticed it's rear bumper smashed into my front bumper. Besides my license plate falling off just a little more than before, my car was fine; his was not. His front end was totaled, windows broken, side smashed in too. While i was trying to work out in my head how you total a car and parallel park it into my car, the woman said that the taxi also pushed me into the red car that had been parked behind me. Sure enough I walk to my back bumper and there's red paint and a few deep scratches. Still perfectly drivable, but very odd.

Drive by and car accident in one night?