Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kentucky weekend

It's so much warmer there. I can't believe it's supposed to snow tomorrow.

Spent the weekend with my favorite sisters...Ju and I made pumpkin pie and carved jack-o-lanterns. We all three went to get matching - sorry, coordinating- tattoos. Ju hasn't gotten hers yet since she wasn't sure where to put it, but Rach and I got ours on our wrists.

I slept most of the car ride home, and ended up sleeping on my fresh tattoo quite a bit. It hurts now.

I also spent too much time on and found this guy...

I haven't met him yet, but I really want to. I can't stop thinking about getting another dog.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

another missed connection :)

The blue line's all jenked still so I've been biking even more and carrying my bike around with me everywhere, even when I do take the train.

Tonight I got on to come home and, since the train car was barely half full, sat down with my bike up against me, completely out of the way of anyone. A guy (drunk I assume) comes crossing cars and manages to bump into the front of my bike, and then proceeds to follow that bump with a harsh kick to the back tire. I figure he's an ass and ignore him as usual. The guy across from me though seems to be much more offended and possibly even a bit pissed off. He gestures to me something that indicates the bum is doing something perverse involving his pants. The bum had quite intentionally placed his rear end up against the glass beside my head, so I continue to ignore him and turn both myself and my bike away.

Point of the story is, in the meantime, the guy sitting across from me had put down his book, moved a seat closer, and kept a very close eye on the drunk/bum guy. And while I'm all for the strong-independent-woman-taking-care-of-herself-thing, I am still also totally for having complete strangers care. It really did mean a lot to me, knowing someone was watching out for my safety.

Thank you friend.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

update? or just a bit of stream-of-consciousness babble

I keep wanting to write something, but I don't actually have much to say. Occasionally, I come across something and think "I should post that!" but I never do and it apparently is never interesting enough for me to remember later to follow through.

I just heard two gunshots. I don't really like this neighborhood.

And I really don't like how far from the train I am. I'm coming down with a cold of some sort and having not considered the chance of rain when I woke this morning, did not dress appropriately for the downpour I had to bike through in the dark to get home. I had to keep my head down to keep the rain out of my eyes, and watching the wet ground pass my tires made me feel motion sick. I can only imagine the complaints I'll have when there's a foot of snow and ice on the ground come February.

I met up with Brian the other day, not the roommate but the pirate. We had lunch and I took an extra hour getting back to class since I hadn't seen him in awhile. He mentioned something about trying to learn how to be a medium, and I of course had to ask if mediums could talk to dogs. He didn't say yes, but instead basically told me that I should start paying attention to the energies around me, and that chances are he's usually close by. He said dogs stick around for a long time. I'm certainly not a wiccan, nor am I sure I believe in ghosts of any sort, but I like the idea and I hope he's close by. And now I'm crying again. It's been a little over two months and I still break down in random public places whenever I think about it.

On a happier, pet-related note, Hazel kitty is mine for good. Her former owner finally sent me a message on facebook that said I could keep her. I had already decided awhile ago that she was mine, but getting the confirmation was exciting. I love this cat. I overslept by two hours this morning so I could kitty-cuddle. It was nice.

Oh, and I'm currently (and passively) looking for a home for Gali girl, the great dane. I think Lara might take her, but we haven't talked about it lately. If anyone knows anyone that might want a dane, please send them my way. She's a great dog, just too much for me right now.

She's still pretty skinny, and neighbors have been calling animal control on me. They've come by twice now, and both times said there wasn't a problem, but the neighbors are persistent. Twice someone has left food and water inside the front gate. If they paid any attention, they'd see her consistently filled food and water bowls by the back door. I'm also annoyed that they don't simply call me first and ask about her. My phone number is on her tag, and I've had plenty on other neighbors ask about her when I'm outside.

Whatever. I'm going to go pass out and try really hard not to be sick.

Pet pictures follow just for fun.