Monday, August 25, 2008

No no no

I keep thinking about kids lately, and babies. I really don't want any, but they keep popping up in my thoughts anyway. Is that normal? Is it some natural, procreative, built-in thing in my brain that is forcing these ideas into my head without permission?

At Target the other day I found myself looking at the adorable baby things and decorating a nursery in my head (it would be yellow by the way, with giraffes.) Then at REI's website, I found myself looking at the strollers page. Then today, while in the shower, I had his crazy train of thought that somehow led me to wondering how I would teach my daughter how to shave if I myself decided to stop shaving from now on. Daughter? What daughter?! That's not cool. I Don't Want Kids! Please keep them out of my head. wtf.

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