Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I had another dream about my doggy dying last night. I took him to the vet to get his lumps and bumps checked out. They put him under anesthesia and moments later came back to tell me he had a bad reaction to it because he's getting old and died. I tried explaining to them that I didn't want to get a puppy since I wouldn't have time to take care of it. I cried so hard in my dream I woke up crying. Cody-dog was sleeping against my legs as usual, very much still alive.

Later, after I'd fallen back asleep, Andrea, Brittany, and I were at a sports game of some sort, I think it was soccer. One of the players from a really famous team came bouncing up to us all crazy and excited. We didn't know his name, but knew he was famous, so we got out a stuffed animal that was the mascot of the team as well as a disposable camera. Andrea put her arm around the guy and I pushed a button on the animal's head that made it snap a picture and make a funny animal noise. Then the guy came bouncing over to me and Brittany took the animal/camera, but he bounced off again before she got the picture. Later, I had this wonderful idea to invite Andie and Brittany over to decorate cupcakes that had already been baked. I asked Brittany, but she said she didn't eat cupcakes, didn't I know that? "Well you could still have fun decorating them, couldn't you?" I replied. But no. I was disappointed and left.

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